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Our Spot: 231 Landa Street New Braunfels Texas

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Kelsey D.

This is my favorite coffee place in New Braunfels!! The coffee is delicious and they are so friendly and welcoming. They have so many great drinks you can choose from the menu, but they can also make it however you ask them to. They offer a flat white which is my favorite hot drink with vanilla and cinnamon in an 8oz cup. Not many places offer drinks in an 8oz cup, like traditional cappuccinos or flat whites, so this is a big deal to me. :) For iced drinks, I am a new fan of the Nutty Betty with pistachio cream and white chocolate. It’s so good!!! I also love the iced Aloha Betty! It’s perfect for a hot day. I always ask for a little less sweet and less milk in the 16oz size and it’s just perfect!


They offer some fun drinks for kids and are so accommodating and sweet with my kids! My daughter loves the strawberry lemonade.


Zeena E.

Love love LOVE Betty Lou coffee! Im a faithful nutty Betty lover but it’s amazing every single time. The customer service is the best! I always feel like im just visiting friends to get coffee :)


Nikole W

My son and I went to Betty Lou last week twice!! I have been craving a coffee I got back home and they recreated it for me but what’s better is theirs was 10000 tastier and I am in love with it!! It’s a Cuban mocha and they made it absolutely delicious I was shocked and impressed! They also are very friendly and welcoming and my son was all smiles!!! Thank you for my coffee!! Thank you for smiles!!

Dietary restrictions: Other milk options


They are loving and welcoming when I bring my son

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